I‘m 45, self-employed as a top-level IT and married. I don’t feel like I am in my 40’s at all. When I was in my 20’s, I kept thinking that I’d feel older once I hit my 30’s and I couldn’t even imagine being (shudder) 40 or so. Gasp. But I really don’t feel any older than I did, say 10 years ago. A little creakier maybe, certainly more gray in my hair but all in all, being 40something isn’t all bad.

My kids are grown, with my youngest serving active duty in the Army and I have a grandson by my oldest son named Ashton who, like any toddler, is adorable, amusing and mildly annoying. I’ve been told by my beloved Grandparents that I was annoying too. What goes around comes around! I am happy to say I haven’t changed much. My husband says I am annoying all the time!

I am a compulsive crafter. Really. I’m sure there must be a support group for it somewhere. I have clay, beads, scrapbooking, soapmaking, bow making, card making, candle making and just about every other “making” there is. I work with clay, glass, metal, paper and have been known to glue my eyelashes to my eyelids from time to time. Not on purpose of course. I sell my crafts to pay for my compulsion and the occasional jaunt to Las Vegas. I truly love Las Vegas and would happily sacrifice any number of eyelashes to go more than once or twice a year.

I taught myself everything I know about computers, from learning how to use my first pc  (that didn’t even have a hard drive!) to learning how to build and service them. I am a software junkie and have all the niftiest software out there. I can troubleshoot and fix most any Microsoft program there is and my family often calls me or my husband for tech support. We are cheaper and WE speak ENGLISH.

I‘ve thought about getting a ‘real’ job as a tech somewhere but then I think what it would be like to actually have to work in an office where I couldn’t sit in my jammies and guzzle gallons of coffee… ehhh…I tried that and though it was kinda fun to have an office job, with a title and all, well, lets just say I don’t play well with others and prefer not to be told what to do. My husband calls me a free spirit. 🙂

I am opinionated, outspoken, slightly elitist and fiercely loyal to those that I care about.

I have a few pet peeves that seriously get my claws out.

What I truly dislike-

  • . . . unnecessary ignorance, in myself or anybody else.

  • . . . chronic whiners and complainers.

  • . . . people that pretend they are something they aren’t. I mean, really, just be yourself. If you don’t like you enough to be you, then why should anyone else?

  • . . . one word…D-R-A-M-A

  • . . . closed minded idiots. You know the ones…all opinion and no solutions.

  • . . . people who feel threatened by what they couldn’t possibly understand.

  • . . . and my biggest pet peeve, people that can’t write coherent messages.  i h8 whn i c dat. 😉

Here’s a lesson for you so pay attention….Being in the customer service field, I constantly hear from people that so and so has done them wrong or something isn’t fair or whatever. One thing I’ve learned is that happiness has little to do with what you deserve and a whole lot to do with you choose.

I choose unfashionable sweatpants and a Venti Starbucks Latte. In Vegas.

Comments? Go.

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