Less is so totally More

1932350_10204541910645949_6376615980779316552_nAfter spending the time to clean up my Facebook feed removing topics/people that irritate me or make me irritable, I’ve found near bliss this morning when I opened up Facebook and saw posts of encouragement, beauty, determination and revelation.

I’m not talking about Supreme Court decisions, this flag vs that flag and gloating or hating depending on the view/topic ad nauseam. I was so over that moments after it all came down.

Nope. I’m talking about the groups and pages that I “liked” and “joined” that reflect where my interest really are. My interest is in being happy. Just that. Happy.

I want to be inspired, see beauty, have adventures and live life enjoying my days rather than just getting through them. 10612977_843135339038549_4633432322442211921_nSo after removing the negative and highly toxic crap from my Facebook feed, I typed in the search bar the things I love. Cycling, Running, Hiking, Arizona, etc. Lo and behold, there were others that shared my interests and who also believe in finding peace, beauty and encouragement. It was to those that I spent my morning coffee with.

From the smallest to the largest achievement, I saw praise and encouragement.

From the smallest to the largest disappointment, I saw compassion and empathy followed by even more praise and encouragement.

That is the type of people I want to surround myself with.

Some may think I want to live with my head in the sand but the reality is, I want the sand out of my head! Unless its beach sand. From the ocean. Then I really wouldn’t mind the sand so much. 😉

Really though, there is so much hatred (and that’s not a word I use lightly) that at times it feels like a living tangible thing. It sucks the energy out of you, draining your life until you are nothing but an empty shell filled with hateful images, thoughts and darkness. Life is hard enough on its own, why add to it. Especially when it’s something you can control!

I know I could have simply deleted my Facebook account but I like having it. I play games (yes, I admit it, I’m a hopeless Farmville2 & Candy Crush addict!) and I keep up with the people most important in my life; family and close friends. I like to see the funny animal videos and cheer my friends accomplishments. Simply put, I like Facebook but I have control over what I see and with whom I see it. So I controlled it.

10481605_597656590349311_3726637803989970802_nBecause of that, I woke up to see incredible photos of places in this beautiful state I live in that I didn’t even know existed

Because of that I see words written to uplift and encourage not belittle or shame.

Because of that my bucket list grew by leaps and bounds.

Because of that my day started off with happiness not hatred.

I’ll take it. With another cup of coffee.



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