I’m all about that…timing, bout that timing

1546064_563253693764284_489688048_nI love how sometimes timing is everything. Without any knowledge of the SCOTUS decision coming today, last night, I had come to the conclusion that much of my FB newsfeed was toxic. Because of that, I went on a massive cleaning spree and shrunk my friends list and page likes down to only the people I know personally or have come to know through Facebook or are part of my current interests.

It was with pleasure that I opened facebook this morning to a much less cluttered news feed.

Then I saw what’s trending. I’ve always been a supporter of Marriage Equality. Or rather, I’m more of a supporter of live and let live. Love comes in many forms. I’ve read the bible, the whole thing, so I get the few people left on my feed who throw out bible verses and hellfire but of those, are you really without sin? Have YOU read the bible? If you did, did you simply gloss over the icky parts and cherry-pick the sections that fit your argument?

Can you really say you are totally without sin and have the right to condemn someone else for their choices? I would think there are precious few that can say with complete honesty that they live a truly righteous life. Is that even possible? Perhaps. I can really only think of 2 people who I could consider even come close.

The rest of us? Nah. Judgement, hypocrisy, un-forgiveness, hatred, greed, pride and a whole host of sins fill our everyday life. Now I know we could just shrug and say… Hey, I’m not perfect but my faith means I’m forgiven. Theologically, that is correct. Realistically, that’s crap. We have to own our faults.

Nothing seems to bring out the flame throwers and trolls more than the Gay Marriage issue. Why is it even an issue? Why would you even care if it really doesn’t affect you. It’s not like there is a marriage limit and now that same-sex couples can get married, fewer hetro couples can tie the knot. (credit to the Husband for the reference). I honestly have no idea why the very idea turns even the mildest mannered person into a hate-spewing, single-minded, bible-quoting mass of hysteria.


Now I’m not really speaking of anyone in particular, it’s mostly just an observation gathered from reading comments on various Facebook posts. And that was AFTER I cleaned up my feed. I can only imagine what it would have looked like before the sweep I did last night.

Here’s a thought. Stop bullying people who don’t share your views from the safety of your keyboard and find something that makes you happy. Stop being part of the problem in society. Focus more on your own life and less on what has nothing to do with you personally.  I promise, you’ll be all the much happier for it.


Comments? Go.

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