What I miss About The Midwest

Other than my friends and remaining Illinois family….not much. But there are a few things that I actually didn’t realize are a part of everyday life in the desert.

Cold tap water. Mock not…bet you don’t even think about. Brush your teeth, wash your face, washing your hands. Turning on the cold tap is something we all take for granted. Well, unless you live in a hovel somewhere without running water but I’m not personally aware of anyone who actually doesn’t have running water. So. Imagine NEVER having actual cold water. It’s more like lukewarm. Maybe even slightly warmer. It’s totally not cold. And it’s a bit weird.

HOT Showers/Baths. Another thing that you would simply assume feels great no matter where you live. But here, a hot turn-your-skin-red-ease-aching-muscles-hot shower will have you sweating for the R.E.S.T of the day. Cool, even slightly cold showers and baths are the norm if you don’t want to spend the rest of the day or night mopping up the sweat. Which of course, totally defeats the purpose of showering.

Baking. Turning on the oven is something fondly remembered. Garlic bread baked in the oven for 7 min…heats up the whole house for hours. Maybe in December we’ll be able to turn on the oven again but until them, we’ll be having breadless pasta. Unless I buy pre-made at Fry’s which just ain’t as good as hot from the oven.

There are many other observations such as I now spend twice the amount of time and gas doing regular grocery shopping due the the amount of traffic and distance. But on the upside, I have dozens of stores to choose from and gas is WAY cheaper here due to discounts and value pricing.

But my most important observation? A car with black leather seats is laughable in the Arizona sun and I will never make fun of someone who has air-conditioned seats. I now covet those very same seats and will purchase my next car with seats that won’t fry my ass after sitting for 15 min in the sun. 😀




  1. balderdash3@cox.net says:

    Wish I could post but don’t know how:

    “Way too fun to read. Thanks for the laughs.”

    Thanks for sharing.

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