Living in the Desert is not as DRY as I remember!

I lived in Arizona as a teen over 30 (omygod 30 years??) ago and I certainly do not remember it being this…WET. The first 6 weeks I was here, not a rain drop in sight. Nothing but that beautiful blue sky and oodles and oodles of sunshine. Every. Day.

It was awesome. Even the dust storm was cool. For about 5 min till I felt like I was getting a dermabrasion.

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Then Monsoon Season arrived with gleeful intensity and has dumped rain and humidity on us here for several weeks. This is the wettest desert ever. In fact, when you read the news websites, locals are raving deliriously about how much rain we’re getting and they haven’t seen this much in eons. Pffft. Locals actually take days off work so they can stay home and watch it rain. Kids get out the tubes and inflatable boats and ride them in the flooded streets.  Craziness.

My cousin is thrilled since she likes the rain so much that she actually (yes really!) keeps a small video of a rain storm on her phone just so she can watch it once in awhile. That should tell you how dry it is “supposed” to be. Buncha freaks, wishing for rain and clouds. 😉

Mostly I’m just good naturedly grumping about the weather but overall it’s been pretty awesome. More days of sunshine and hot temps than not and when it does rain, it doesn’t last long. Not like in Illinois where you counted the days of sunshine in fractions rather than actual days and where there are clouds here one moment, the sky with be saphire blue the next.

You also cannot beat the beauty of the sun setting or rising over the mountains, the clarity of the night sky or the smell of the flowers and plants. Nothing in Illinois smells quite like it does here. I still have a hard time believing I actually live here again and not just on an extended vacation. And for damn sure you aren’t going to find a (real) cactus in your backyard in Illinois.

We got lucky to find a rental house in the Foothills of Ahwatukee, nearly at the base of South Mountain. The lights of the towers on Telegraph Hill are visible from our street at night and it’s simply beautiful. All the lights on the poles are red and it’s been, so far, impossible to get a good night shot.


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We live about a mile from the base of the trailhead. So lucky!

South Mountain is a wonderful place with miles and miles of trails both flat and ankle killers. I’ve hiked a few trails but typical of me, I tend to get lost and end up wandering all over. Which isn’t a bad thing, I have GPS but there are critters. Like snakes and scorpions and other weird desert dwellers that give me the heebie jeebies if I have to, ya know…use the facilities. I’m not ashamed to admit that I have no problem peeing outdoors but the thought of a scorpion sting on my bare backside just creeps me out.  ::shudder::


Those above were taken by me while wandering out in South Mountain in an apparently little used section. I saw not another soul. Anywhere. Peaceful but my beloved Grandparents shake their heads, issues a collective sigh and lament on how one day they will be watching the news and it will be me being airlifted off some mountain because I got up and couldn’t get back down. 😀

And if it wasn’t for the “stupid tourist” fine that I would have to pay if  I managed to go where I had to be rescued, I would secretly be thinking that I’ve always wanted to ride in a helicopter.






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    Maria, you are a kick. How funny. Well written. Beautiful use of words, excellent style and delightful to read. I’d rather read your thoughts than just about any other subject. Thank you for including me. Love, A.K.

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