Vitam agas vitam tuam

A few days ago, I was browsing Facebook. Like I do every hour night. One of my longest and dearest friends had made a post about the impending doom that is Obamacare. One of her friends disagreed and there was some back and forth. I’ve never been one to hold back, though I usually try to show a wee bit more restraint when posting on someone else’s feed. The result, I hijacked my friends post! Gasp!

After a few comments to show my opinion (totally against it in case you wonder), I came to my senses. But it brought to mind what I think is a huge problem. Blatent rudeness. It’s evident everywhere. And I mean everywhere. Not just on Facebook where it’s easy to hide behind your keyboard and be an ass, but also in real life.

In Wal-Mart where inconsiderate parents allow their young to:

  • free-roam and scream for no apparent reason
  • touch everything
  • throw things on the floor
  • run into people

At local sporting events where:

  • People refuse to help the programs that provide for their children
  • Instead of throwing garbage away, it goes on the ground for someone else to pick it up
  • Parents allow their small children to run wild (probably the same ones from Wal-Mart…it’s a small town)
  • Complain about everything but offer no solution to fix

In the neighborhood where:

  • Riding your bike through someones lawn is perfectly acceptable…to you
  • Parking a boat in your front yard alongside the trampoline because you were too stupid to put a GATE on the fence to your backyard.
  • Stop signs are only a suggestion
  • Corners are to be taken at the highest speed possible without actually achieving liftoff

At any establishment where:

  • Holding the door for a senior citizen or handicapped person would prove too much effort, so much easier to let that door slam back on them
  • Throwing your cigarette on the ground, still lit, when there is a butt pot available

I could go on and on. Naturally 🙂

Yes. I am easily annoyed.
Yes. I could be a bit more understanding.
Yes. I am heavily medicated. (just think what I would be like without it!)
Yes. I am aware that you have no control over your offspring

Yes. I have been rude on occasion…tho in my defense, it’s usually justified and almost always a reaction to the moment. (lame excuse!) Unless it’s Christmas where a Happy Holidays from a bell-ringer is likely to bring out the inner demon in me. Nobody is perfect. 😀

With so much rudeness and outright lack of respect one encounters on a daily basis; a single smile, kind word or simple kind action can go a long way.

Thank you to the lovely elderly man at the post office today who despite having the door shut in his face by the b*tch on the phone, held that door for me even though I was several steps away and he had to wait for me to get there. I was carrying a single small package. He had a cane.

Tomorrow I will hold the door for someone, even if they really deserve to have it hit them in the backside.

Vitam agas vitam tuam

(google it)


  1. Let me add one to your list. How about people that are crossing a street (walking), and yes they have the right of way, and they step out “in front of traffic”…cars slow down (which they should), but they take their dear ol’ sweet time crossing the street. Yes, Mr./Mrs. Pedestrian…you do have the right of way…and I don’t mind slowing down/stopping so you can cross in front of me…but can you at least make it look like your are trying to be courteous by moving it along just a teensie bit? I realize that you SOOOOOOO need to check your Facebook status while crossing a street (you know…where cars tend to drive) and doing the “I’m too cool for school” saunter, but let’s pick up the pace a bit.


  2. Ken Ellerbrock says:

    AMEN+ACE- You must have been raised in the same house as me+ACE- I am constantly aware of the many young people (15 to 60 years old) that walk right in front of you which if I did not put on the brakes, would run right into you. The same for those that walk four abreast and expect you to go around them even if it means you go into the street. Love you, gramps


    • Yep…Maria and I encounter this at our local park where their is a paved bicycle trail. People will be walking with their friends, coming towards us while we are on our bikes, and they are taking up the entire width of the trail. But, since I’m a 200lb guy, if they don’t at least make a token effort to scoot over a bit giving me some room, I usually just pedal even faster and stay right in my ‘lane’. They tend to move out of the way then! “Oh no! Large object coming fast, heading right for me!” *grin*


  3. Let me add a couple more…

    Nothing like driving through a parking lot (generally I see this at WalMart, but it happens other places, too), and having people walking right down the middle of where the cars are driving looking for a parking spot. I mean, really? Is it really that difficult to slide over to the side and walk closer to the rear end of the parked cars so the cars that are driving can get by? I guess that’s just too much to ask.

    Speaking of dumbasses…how about the drivers (again, typically at WalMart, but I’ve seen it elsewhere) who can’t be bothered to go to the ‘ends’ of where cars are parked to drive across a parking lot. Oh, NOOOOOOO…we have to drive from one side of a parking lot to the other side by driving between parked cars through the parking spaces…and usually just pulling right on out into the driving lanes of cars looking for a place to park. But, since they’re too stupid to drive to the ends of the parking area, why am I not surprised that they are too stupid to actually look for cars in-motion while cutting across a lot? I almost got hit a couple months ago by a car of teenage girls doing this very thing. I also just saw this happen today. Fortunately, I saw it coming, so I stoppped walking to my truck (you know, along the rear ends of the already parked cars!) and the driver almost hit a vehicle that was driving where she was looking for a parking spot. She never looked..she never stopped…just kept right on cutting across the lot between parked cars. The driver that was almost hit, and I, shared a nice look and a chuckle as we continued along our respective ways.

    But, welcome to the ‘It’s not my fault, and it’s not my responsibility” world we live in.


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