Go long or go home…

I read this recently on runnersworld.com I’m sure it’s not something that the guy who said it came up with as it seems I’ve heard this particular term before, but it struck me.

I did my 100 days. I slothed about for another 30 (or more) days before I decided to try to get serious about being fit and healthy. The additional 6 pounds on the scale was a pretty big motivator too. Well, truth be told, it was the ONLY motivator.

I like to eat. Not big whopping meals 3-4 times a day but I’m an all day snacker with an emphasis on night-time eating. I believe a website I visited annoyingly called it a “nocturnal feeding schedule”. I don’t know about you, but when I hear the word “nocturnal” and “feeding schedule” in the same sentence, my mind takes the natural leap to, yea, animals.

Even though it’s an annoying term, it’s entirely accurate. While charting my eating habits for a few days (it’s all I could manage before I lost interest, ADD remember?) I noticed an alarming trend. I eat WAY more at night and usually after 10 pm. I didn’t actually need a stupid food journal to tell me that but it was wild to see just how MUCH I was eating at night. Lots. And not because I was actually hungry but because it sounded good. I bet if there was a McDonald’s in my back yard, I would be there every night, after 10 pm, even though their food makes me nauseous after eating.

There’s something about night-time that makes me want to snack. On everything. I’ve been known to make waffles at midnight because it sounded good. Or a quesedea because the gooey queso cheese is a particular weakness of mine. Pancakes? Yep. A frozen pizza. Of course! The list is endless. Like I said, I like to eat.

After reading up on it, I’ve made a few changes. I just don’t buy that crap anymore. Solves that. If it’s not here I won’t eat it. Helps that the husband needed to lose weight so it’s not like he’s asking for all the junk food to be brought back in.

Another helper was to take us to a Once A Month Cooking Menu. All the prep in one day, ready to cook meals for a month. It’s a TON of work and in some cases, heart-attack inducing calorie counts, but we know what we are eating and don’t have all the junk that processed foods have. Win/Win.

I’m trying to not let more than 1-2 days go by without a walk or a bike ride and recently have added running into the mix. When I say running, I really meant to say limping along at the pace of a snail looking like an idiot and sweating buckets. It’s humiliating to have your fat rolls jiggle, it’s embarrassing that I can’t run for more than a 1/8 of mile without stopping, it’s hard; on my knees, ankles and  shins. It makes me feel great.

It clears my head. Most likely because my brain is so busy checking in with the various parts of my body that feel like they are being punished. I smell the air, the dirt and sometimes the dog poop that some idiot didn’t clean up and my head is clear of the everyday issues that usually have me popping Xanax like skittles.

I get nearly the same feeling riding my bike with the added benefit of going fast. My body doesn’t scream in protest on the bike but I also don’t like to ride in the wind so running/walking fills in the gaps. I want to go further both on my bike and on my walks. My personal best for my bike was a 17 mile ride, on my walk/run…just over 3 miles.

Which brings me back to the Go Long or Go Home….

My frame of mind sucks. I do not want to work out. I’d rather sit and watch Netflix. It doesn’t even matter that they are shows I’ve watched a dozen times. I want to make a big bag of butter popcorn and load it with butter salt while drinking my beloved and sorely missed Sweet Tea. I want to not think about the scale and calories and how over half my closet contains clothes that do not fit.

All those are precisely why I get my gear out, pretend that my body isn’t screaming in protest every time I move and just go do it. I doubt I will ever be one of those gotta work out or die types but my jiggling fat will be out again tomorrow for another ride or run.


  1. Bravo!!!! Keep up the great job…having Bart as an exercise mate is a great thing. All is fine here, but hot. We’ve had three dust storms, but mostly bypasted us.. No rain. Haven’t heard a peep from your mom. love, gram


  2. Denny & Lana Seyller says:

    That was a great story Maria … We are so happy for you and Bart. You are on the right track and I know you guys can do it. If we can do it, you can do it. We don’t always like to go running but we LOVE the health benefits we get and know we need to do it to stay healthy. As we told you when we visited you guys a few weeks ago, your health is the most important thing, because without your health you have nothing. This week is going to be HOT, HOT so keep plenty hydrated. Keep up the biking, walking/running and your healthy eating and if you need help with keeping motivated you know you can always count on us to help you through it. Love you guys,
    Denny & Lana


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