I really am still alive!

Yep. Bet you thought I forgot to update. I’ll let you believe that rather than the alternative which is really that my life is so boring that at times there simply isn’t anything to blog about. Sad, I know. The truth is, I like it boring. Boring means nothing crappy has happened and that is always to the good.

I got a new bike. I’m rockin’ the mileage. In about 5 weeks I’ve ridden 114 miles. Seriously! That’s nowhere near what the husband is riding that show-off but he will have to get his own blog if he wants to brag. 😀 I enjoy riding, I do not enjoy the bugs. Today I came home with several passengers that looked like road grit but moved when prodded. Yuk. I mean, really…yuk.

I’m not a real big outdoors type person. I’m perfectly happy to stay in the bug-free air-conditioned comfort of my house. So to spend all those hours riding a bike is pretty much out of character for me. I’m sure my heart will thank me later though.

I’ve got tons of photos to share and lots of other stuff I do want to write about but tonight, I just wanted to remind you that I haven’t gone anywhere and I will try to update more often.

A few tips to all people out in the world NOT on a bike:

  • If a bike rider can feel the heat of your car, you are too close. MOVE OVER.
  • Kindly flick your cigarette butts into your ashtray rather than into the air.
  • On a bike/walking trail, please leash your pets kids better yet, go to the dog park/kiddie park
  • If you are walking with a mate(s), shag your ass out-of-the-way when you see someone coming by on a bike doing 20+ mph.
  • Do not be a litterbug. There are garbage receptacles all over town. Use them.
  • Please look BOTH WAYS when pulling out. Duh. If you run me over, I will sue you…and win. Promise.

Until later!


  1. Wow, we are so proud of you & Bart. On my first big loss back in (1979), hear this, I road my bike for about 2 miles before work. I also did floor excerises, think I damaged my sciatic nerve. At least I began to have pain down my right leg. I also ran up & down the stairs 25 times with a turn around the basement after the way down & a turn around the upstairs after my way up to slow my heart rate down. Now I couldn’t hardly walk up, let alone run up. I imagine you already found out that going down the stairs is harder than going up. Quite a few years ago, I started to realize that when I tried to take the stairs abourd ship, as there was always a little landing between flights, my knees really hurt. There is nothing like age to dampen your enthusiasum. Anyway in our family big hips with small waists were always a curse, Auntie had a 23″ waist when she married Snuffy…later Trixie wearing her bridal dress. Well, after my big (27#) loss, I actually had a problem with the bottom half of outfits being too big for the tops. In those days clothes came in more outfits than now. W W at that time, you could only have beef 2xs a week. I had been a big beef eater & liver once a week. I liked liver so that was not a problem for me but sure was for others. I started out at 152# & a shock to me goal 135#…ended at 127#, reaching that goal in 6 months & held that weight for a long time till Az called us, first for winters & then permanent. The rest of the story, when I weighed in Mar 2011, heavy clothes & tennies, I weighed 168.2. This time goal weight 145# allowing for the 30 year age difference. I reached that in Mar of 2012. I want to go down more, but in a hurry to stop paying. I still attend meetings every Sat. as I need the disipline. Can’t wait to see a slimmer, trimmer & most of all healthier you & Bart. Thanks for sending the pictures of Ashton. He is so cute & I have to smile everytime I look at his little determined face as he is trying to hit that paddle ball. Real concentration. Long letter, when I only started to drop a line telling you how much I appreciate your blogs. lots of love, gram


  2. I love that picture of you with the post about Xanax. By the way, your bedroom is still not made up after washing the sheets. Today I promise myself I would get it done. See how I have slipped as I past that unmade room many times daily. Hugs


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