It’s been a month?!

Wow. I see that it’s been nearly a month since I made a post. I’ve even done things. Like left the house things. And not even left the house to go shopping things. Real things. Vacation things.

Arizona, Vegas. Sunshine, slots. Family. I had a great time. I saw a great deal of very strange people in Vegas. It’s the absolute best place in the world for people watching. For example, I saw a transformer with a California licence plate on his butt. Clearly he is a car when not in action hero mode.

Then there was this guy. He even looked authentic. But that is not what amazed me…check out the shoes! He bounced in and out of at least 4 casinos along the strip because I saw his painted face and spikey shoulders in several casinos. He was bouncing along so fast that I couldn’t get a photo of his face. I really wasn’t only aiming for the butt shot. Honest.

Then there were these characters. frightening. I hate clowns and the Homer Simpson is kinda creepy too, plus I think that might be a bottle of booze in his hand… What irked me was that the mini Elvis (really. he was like 3 feet tall) jumped out of range just as I shot the photo and I missed a opertunity to get another pic.

And the most amazing thing I saw? An honest to god, real life antique.


All in all Vegas was a blast although the landscape has changed somewhat as it appears Vegas designers and engineers decided that stairs were cool. There are a LOT of stairs. Up and down, one crossover after another. Stairs and more stairs. Some has escalators but most didn’t. Nice workout but damn. By the time I got to the Bellagio to watch the dancing water, I was exhausted and tempted to take a taxi back to my hotel.

I had a car but as a rule, I don’t drive in Vegas. Walking is dangerous, hence the reason for all those pedestrian walkways, but driving the strip is downright suicidal. I’ve done it once. That’s all it took for me to never do it again.

Speaking of my car, the rental I got was awesome!  I always get a full size car because in Phoenix, anything smaller is scary.  This is only the second time I rented a car at Phoenix-Mesa Gateway and last time was not a fun experience. I had rented a full size car, like I always do. What I got was a car with a hatchback! I know of NO full size cars with a hatchback. I kept it but it was more suited to something my kids would have liked rather than anything I would have driven.

So it was with hesitation that I approached the rental desk to get my car. In Vegas, you pick your own. All the cars are in the parking deck of the Rental Car Center and you go to your chosen rental company and size and pick your car. It’s cool. But at PHX-Mesa you get what they give you. Sorta. I immediately told the guy at the desk that I didn’t want any dinky car. At least he was only a little patronizing when he said, no problem. He started reading off available cards…..Dodge Charger, Chevy Impala, Ford….and I’m like wait, back up to the Charger. I’ll take that one.

Awesome ride. Sucks on the gas but it was an awesome ride. I managed to put nearly 1200 miles on that car in 10 days. lol. It isn’t my Mercedes but I enjoyed driving it. At over 100 miles an hour it was as smooth as can be. *grins* Hopefully I won’t be receiving any of those mailed to you, taken with a camera, tickets. Again.

It’s that drive to Vegas, those long stretch of highway scream to you to drive fast and that car handled it perfectly. It was pretty windy so I was glad I wasn’t driving a high-profile vehicle like this one.

Obviously I slowed down long enough to take a photo!

All in all, I had a wonderful time. My Mom was great, my cousin and I were able to get together and visit. I got to see my Arizona best friend and her son, who I adore. I got to visit with my beloved grandparents and wreak havoc on their kitchen (another story! another time…) and I drove all around the valley enjoying the beautiful blue sky and bright sunshine. I love it there.

I’m already planning my return trip! More later…

Comments? Go.

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