Somebody dented my damn car!

with a cart. Naturally. It is my biggest pet peeve and something I complain about the loudest. Why are people so lazy that they can’t walk a few steps to put a cart away. Really. What the hell.

So now I get to put my insurance to good use to get it fixed. They caught the trim as well as the door so it’s not likely to be a cheap fix. Very little with a Mercedes is a cheap fix though so I did know what I was getting into when I got the car. But still. Dented my damn car.

Evidently I am irritated.

But on a different note, I’m 3 MONTHS smoke free!! The husband too but if he wants to brag, he should start his own blog.

So 3 months of no smoking, 88 days into my 100 day challenge and I still haven’t lost any weight! I could grump about that almost as much as I would about my car. But I’ll try to refrain. Some. Since I still haven’t gained any, I don’t complain too loudly. I like to eat so having not put on any weight is a major accomplishment.

Who am I kidding. I’m pissed that I haven’t lost any weight! It’s nice that my clothes fit better but still! A girl wants to see results on the scale. The husband tentatively, while stepping carefully out of arms reach, suggested to me that maybe my workouts weren’t intense enough. Obviously, with my having cooked ahead enough for a month, he has no worries about being poisoned for his helpful suggestion.

Since I secretly agree, I let that transgression pass. I do work out every day. Every single day! But for the past couple weeks, I seemed to be doing only the minimum required to get that 30 min in.

I’m fairly certain that it’s because I usually wait till evening to do a workout and by then, I’m feeling lazy exausted from all the work I didn’t do that day. It’s a lame excuse, I know but I simply cannot seem to bring myself to excercise in the mornings. Probably because I am still barely able to walk in the mornings. Lazy workouts or not, either way, I still hurt in the morning. Getting old sucks. lol

I know why people work out in the morning. I figured out the big secret. It’s not because it makes you feel better or gets your blood pumping or wakes you up, though I’m sure it does do all that. The REAL reason why people work out in the morning? because if they drink the required about of water throughout the day and work out in the evening, it’s way harder not to wet your pants when doing something strenuous. Just sayin. I’ve also made note that my basement needs a bathroom.

I was going to write about the fact that my quiet neighborhood was subjected to a right-out-of-the-primetime TV – Murder-Suicide. I took photos. Lots of them… Hello, my name is Maria and I am a ghoul. It’s not like I saw the bodies or anything, I just have a lot of photos of a bunch of cops standing around a yard wrapped in crime scene tape. Don’t get me wrong, I did take a photo of the body bags coming out. Like I said, I’m a ghoul. But for some reason, it seems creepy and more than a little disturbing to publish any of those photos here on my blog. I did not know them personally beyond a few words of hello once in a while even though we have been neighbors for over 5 years. We know and love all our other neighbors, but they didn’t socialize. It was sad.

I did note that CSI’s actually DO wear shirts that say CSI on the back. Not that it’s relevant or anything but as an avid watcher of all crime procedurals, I was amused to see those shirts. If I had lived a normal life, in a perfect world, I would have gone into criminal forensics. I loved Quincy as a kid. 🙂 Now I’m too old and too lazy to go to school. Plus, I like my job. 3 hour workdays. Work in my pajamas. Watch endless hours of Netflix…nothing trumps that!

Less than 2 weeks till my vacation! Yet another perk of being self-employed, no need to schedule vacation time with a boss when you ARE the boss. 🙂

Vita beata est!
(life is good in Latin)




  1. Lory Ellerbrock says:

    Sad about your car. It usually happens as soon as you get it. Thanks for sending the pics of Ashton. He is such a cutie. Joe is pretty cute too & Nichole looks like a really nice person…I didn’t see any tatoos. Yipee!!! Tell Bart, I like his lawn mower, now if the grass just co-operates & grows he will be in business..


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