Spring means Flip Flops and Sandals….Hooray!

I {heart} sandals. Any kind. All styles. Well, maybe not those ones that wrap up your legs, I’m way too conservative old for that.

But I do love almost all kinds of sandals. I have something close to 40 pairs. I think. Maybe more. I know that I can’t realistically wear every pair I have since I rarely go anywhere that requires shoes. Who cares that I have 7 pairs of black sandals and flip-flops. The husband does not get it. Despite my attempt to explain to him that each is different! And each may “go” better with an outfit.

This would be the point in my helpful justification plea for understanding that he just looks at me and rolls his eyes. He knows my “outfits” are sweatpants and t-shirts.  In the summer, sweat…shorts? Ja know….they are the ones that are sweats but pantless. It’s what I wear. I’m self-employed. It’s part of the perks package.

BUT. The times when I do get dressed to go anywhere, I like to have a LARGE selection of sandals to choose from. Some of them I haven’t worn in years and some of them still have tags on them.

I’m partial to the kind without heels. I’m way partial to flip-flops so while at Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago, I saw a little how-to paper on making beribboned and jeweled flops and picked one up. I have ribbon. Lots of it and I have beads. Lots of them.

I’m a compulsive crafter with ADD. Not a great combination. That means I have tons of crap to craft with and if I don’t, I’ll buy more. Wal-Mart had plain flip-flops for 0.99 I bought 15 pairs. White, black and pink. The three best colors in the rainbow. (I know white, pink and black aren’t really in the rainbow, but they are in MY rainbow. Yes?)

I’ve made only 3 actual pairs and then lapsed into this clip-on frenzy where I could have just 2 (gasp!) sets of flip-flops and change out the decoration.

Here are some photos of the clips, they will just snap onto any pair of flip-flops:

Fancy ones:

And these are my fav for the moment:

So I’ve been making those 5 point flowers like crazy, they are so cool and I’ve made them out of nearly every style ribbon I have.

The next pair I’m working on is using all the used bullet casings from my .22 in a steam punk style. I don’t think I’ll be walking through any airport security wearing those though 🙂

Weather is beautiful, I’m 75 days into my exercise challenge and still smoke free. The only things that could make life better would be 20 pounds less on the scale and a mountain view from my windows. *grins*

Comments? Go.

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