The Great Cabinet Cleanout

People spring clean. I do not. People fall clean. I don’t do that either.

I try to never clean, I mean really deep clean, maybe once every few years and then, ONLY when it’s so bad that the hints the husband drops can no longer be considered even remotely subtle.  The house can look great, it usually does, after all, it’s only me and the husband. But don’t dare open a cabinet or closet door.

My ADD evidently does not extend to keeping cabinets and closets organized. Or drawers. I have not one, but…wait for it….FOUR junk drawers in my kitchen. Plus at least 4 2 in the master bath. Note that all these are not things you would see if you simply entered my house for a visit. The teeming underbelly of chaos is nicely hidden behind doors.

I can deal with the hidden mess because it’s, well…hidden. It’s rare that I will give even more than a passing thought to the cabinets or closets and only in that moment when something falls out and lands on my foot. I have good intentions, I have a list of to-do stuff. The cabinets and closets are on it. For 10 months now.

In those rare moments when I am ready to dig in a do some real cleaning, not just dusting and stuff, but clean out the cabinets cleaning, I need to do it as soon as the mood hits, no matter what day it is or what other plans I may have had. Else it won’t get done. Ever.

So the other day, I was straightening the kitchen and putting away dishes, including some storage containers when I opened the cabinet they were in and several fell out. I shoved them back in and carefully glanced over to see if the husband noticed (he didn’t) and then slammed the door. He noticed that. Then I had to explain. He drops hints but he doesn’t nag much. So in that moment, the mood hit.

I cleaned out all the lower cabinets. Every one of them. At the risk of making myself look bad, I snapped a few photos.


The storage container cabinet

Other cabinets:

(We aren’t boozers…despite the multiple bottles!)

I had read somewhere that the best way to organize storage containers was to get them out, match them up to lids and toss the rest of the stragglers. Check.

I had containers in every cabinet so everything came out all at once.

A few interesting observations, Banana peppers apparently do not last forever. And I like Special K. Enough so that I had like 5 opened boxes hidden in the island cabinets.

Also, a single potato that gets lost in the layers will turn into a solid alien brain looking thing. Yuk.

It took me several hours to decide what to get rid of. The potato brain thing went first. The cereal next. Then I sorted all the kitchen crap like thermos, cookie shooter, espresso maker etc. Got rid of several things that I hadn’t been able to find used in years. Once I did that, I had freed up some space on the floor.

I matched every container to a lid, got rid of all the ones that had stains or were lumpy from the dishwasher. Tossed every one that I couldn’t see through and put them back, in order with the lids all together by size.  I kept only the rectangular ones since those tend to stack easier in the fridge.

Then I put my pans where it was easier to get to them. Placed all the booze in one cabinet, baking dishes and small appliances on the pull out shelves and cleaned out the lazy susan so we could actually turn it.

I ended up with 3 bags of garbage and 2 boxes for Goodwill. And clean cabinets.

A much better storage container cabinet:

And the rest are much better too!

Much better! I’m loving the fact that I can see everything and if I can keep it from getting bad again, it will be that much easier to pack when it’s time to move to Arizona.

I simply have to resist that teensy little flaw that pushes me to buy every gadget that sounds cool. Like the Slap Chop.

It will be hard. I love gadgets. If only I could find a gadget that keeps my cabinets clean and organized.

Comments? Go.

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