Spring? Gah…we got SNOW

So I believe the husband counted his blades of grass before they were mowed. He happily declared it spring as of March 1st and lookie here. We got 2 inches of snow. That jerk.

3 days ago, I was doing my walks outside without a jacket and contemplating shorts and now I’m not leaving the warmth of my house. In 3 days, it will again be 60. This is the strangest winter I can remember in having lived in Illinois for 40 of my 42 years.

Looking forward to this week and getting back on a regular schedule. I worked out heavily, about an hour and a half last week for 3 days in a row and could barely walk so I’ve been taking it pretty easy with my 30 min workouts. Today was day 64.

The husband asked me what I was going to do when I hit Day 100. I told him I was going to start over and do it again. 🙂

On this challenge, Day 100 is the same day I leave for Phoenix for an 11 day visit to my family. Odd timing, but I’ll continue it out there. Plenty of places to walk and enjoy the blooming flowers. This time of year is beautiful in Arizona. One day soon, I’ll be enjoying it year round. Believe me, it couldn’t come fast enough.

Nothing exciting to write about other than a visit from the grandson. He’s 2. That should explain everything. Bart keeps telling me I was probably the same while visiting my grandparents when I was his age. I am forever grateful that my grandparents didn’t drown me in the tub.


  1. arlene g (aka mom) says:

    guten tag!


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