Hello March, it’s Spring!

Or so says the husband.

It’s not really but it kinda feels like it. Not that we had much of a winter. Hardly any snow and temps in December and January that were shorts weather. Seriously. In Illinois. Land of the crappy winters and freezing temps.

So I’m totally not complaining. Even though it sounds like it! I am beyond happy that I was able to get out and do my workout OUTSIDE. Without a coat. For two days in a row. In freaking ILLIONIS! Sorry. Exuberant about decent weather.

The only problem…(and is it not so like me to come up with a downside)…is when we get that beautiful sunshine like today, it illuminates what looks ugly. Dead grass and naked trees. Blah. I’ll take thew sunshine over a cloud filled sky any day but I wish it was pretty to look at. 🙂

So it’s March 1st….

Still not smoking.

Still doing daily workouts. Today, with my outdoors walk was Day 61. I walked in the graveyard which was not was too! totally creepy like I thought it would be. It actually was a bit but the headstones entertain me. Yes. I know I’m going to burn in hell.

SIXTY-ONE days! I’m starting to see inches slowly go. Not so much weight even though I’m doing weight watchers. I did lose 4 lbs, then gained 3 and lost 1.5. Guess I’m still in the good though as I’ve put on no weight since quitting smoking.

Weight watchers is cool. It’s got apps for my iPhone that I can scan in items at the store and get the points values. I was, in turns, amazed, tickled and then just downright annoyed that all my favorite foods have such high points. It now takes me twice as long to shop because for every item I scan, at least one nosy (usually a little old lady) person asks me to show her that thingamajiggy. It always interesting when they start producing items for me to scan. Humph. Get ya own smartphone! I’m sure it comes as a shock, but I am nice about it and scan items for those that ask. Plus, I still think it’s cool so it’s still entertaining and I have a soft spot for the elderly.

So if you use Weight Watchers and have a smartphone, get the apps. They are free and take almost all of the boredom of grocery shopping away. Even at Wal-Mart.

As I read this over, I notice there seems to be a central theme. entertainment. I’ve stated before that I am easily bored and even more easily distracted. 10 min of doing the same thing can seem like a lifetime to me. I rarely am doing only one thing at a time. It’s that ADD.  HA!

In the general vein of keeping me entertained during my workouts, I’ve placed my order with the husband for a few new essentials to add to my already extensive collection of shit to workout with. Since they are no longer gathering dust, well except for the Pilates bar, that thing intimidates me, I am using most everything I have. Treadmill, weights, stepper, wii fit plus, wii active, yoga, wii sports, zumba and the big ball thingy.

I’m bored. The best new thing I requested is a heavy bag! Boxing is just not as fun unless I have something to make contact with. I have to assume that the husband is not going to stand there and let me pummel him to the beat of some techno trance music so I need a heavy bag. It does not even have to be pink.

However, husband, when you read this, here are a few things I like too and these must be in pink. Gloves: http://www.amazon.com/Everlast-Womens-Grappling-Training-Medium/dp/B0046XDAYU/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1330666057&sr=8-6

I’ll post photos when my wonderful, ever obliging husband gets me what I want.

There, that should do it, add my famous lasagna for dinner tomorrow and I expect to have my heavy bag within a week. 🙂

I really do. When I say ever obliging, I actually mean it. I said I want to go to AZ to see my family and friends. He says how much money you need and when you going? How many have husbands like that!  He may have issues with getting the fence done but on the real important things (like me) he’s a cool dude. 🙂

Ok, I’m done sucking up. LOL!

Tomorrow I plan on working on my tan. Indoors of course, it’s not THAT nice out yet. But ghosts in Arizona look funny. Got to get some color on me. Looks like I’ll be dusting off the tanning bed.

Here’s a photo Chris had to take when he was home at Christmas.

Comments? Go.

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