Being Self-Employed has it’s hazards too


I mean nothing dangerous outside of the daily occasional coffee spill and the need for self-discipline. But there are real hazards, a big one that i hope it’s just not me every self-employed person knows about.

Time tends to disappear. Poof. Days gone just like that. Whole days.

For example, I needed my carcinogen sweetener. Which means, a trip to Wal-Mart. Goodie. I finished my work for the day and decided to go ahead and get it done early because we all know that wal-mart gets busier as the day goes on. And I don’t like kids so I try to go when I know they are in school.

As soon as I rounded the corner, I was shocked by the amount of cars in the parking lot for a mid-day. I never fail to think of  Dave Ramsey who, while laughing at the “horrible” economy baldly stated that if you believe it’s that bad, you haven’t seen a wal-mart parking lot on a weekend.

That should have been my first clue. The place was packed. Kids everywhere. I’m thinking wow, school must have let out early and that thought was followed by what impending doom did I miss the memo on? It’s only that busy on weekends, right before a snow storm and holidays. I still had no idea.

I even had to wait in line for the self-check.

I was on my home, nearly halfway there when it hit me. Today is Saturday. What happened to Thursday and Friday? I was dumbfounded that I hadn’t figured it out sooner but I really wasn’t paying attention. No surprize there! But seriously, two whole days poofed.

So my advice to all self-employed people is to get a calender or you will end up going to places on days that you would usually avoid as if the demons of hell lived there. And I’m certain that wal-mart is hell, but especially hot on weekends.


  1. arlene g (aka mom) says:

    haha, well, solution: get a real job! LOL Then you’ll surely know what day it is. For example, today (yes, today) is Friday. Whoo hoo! (or boo hoo, if one feels their whole live revolves around their job – which I am not one…)

    Love you – kidd!


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