Gun Toting, Computer Shooting Dad…is he guilty of Laptopacide?

Is there a blogger anywhere not talking about this? Doubtful.

For fun, because i have no life whatsoever I googled “dad shoots computer”  In less than 2 days the results were:
About 11,500,000 results(0.11 seconds)

Seriously? Some companies pay millions to get their product/information into the Google databases with much less success than it took one dude from North Carolina with a .45 and a snarky teenager. I don’t know if I should find that humorous or sad.

I think I’m going to go with humorous since I’m not one of those that pay said millions to get any of my businesses on Google. 🙂

I thought it was funny and clever, maybe not the best reaction but still, what a great way to teach your teen not to mess with the rules. I spent hours today, as did millions apparently, reading his comments to the entire situation on Facebook….his very public comments.

I’ve said before, I’m a cynic. I think the whole thing was staged. I did not miss the mention of a stepmother and I also read ALL his responses. Very entertaining though. The comments have been really fun to read. Ranging from “way to go’s” to “you are evil” he’s managed to get loads and loads of response. Even the offer of a reality show. How cool.

He has quite a sense of humor and I will never, ever forget his comment that he’s never made his daughter hunt her dinner with a spork. Had me laughing for hours.

Staged or not, I’m in the majority that says taking parenting roles back from our over-indulged teen generation is not wrong. Raising kids is hard. Being a teenager is NOT harder than trying to raise one. Especially in this iWant generation. Kids should never think that it’s their right to have the latest iPhone, or electronic gadget or freedoms they haven’t earned. To do that makes them entitled.

In fact, I can take this moment to reflect on how happy I am that my kids are all growed up, that they have no problem with me posting to their comments and photos and apparently feel comfortable enough to not have a problem with oversharing.  My kids are good kids, even though they sometimes say things that make even me blush.

So, Tommy Jordan, thank you for the hours of entertainment. I don’t care of it was staged or not. There are plenty of days I would like to empty my gun into my laptop too. For any number of reasons.

Comments? Go.

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