Daily Dose of Doom aka The News

I hardly ever read the news, rarely, if ever, watch a news broadcast which isn’t all that surprising since I don’t have cable and usually avoid any of the current “top” stories as if they will jump off the page and poke me in the eye.

So it was with hesitation that I read the piece of shit journalism story at CNN (of all places!) about a young illegal and her husband, who was killed in the murder capital of Mexico after trying to get legal status to be in the US.

For one thing, CNN is almost as biased as MSNBC or the NY Times but….really? How tragic that this woman has to have her story aired as a political agenda. Makes me want to kick the journalist. Really hard. With work boots.

It makes no mention of the questions it should have raised to anyone who has the ability to think:

1. How did she get a marriage license? If she wasn’t legal, she should NOT have had any of the papers required for a marriage license, Drivers license namely. And to get a driver’s license you must have a birth certificate and a social security card. To get a SS card, you must have a birth certificate and another form of ID…circles. (my husband pointed out that I could be wrong here. GASP! I really am not in possession of any real knowledge of what it takes to get a marriage licence when one person is not a US citizen. BUT, I feel they SHOULD have all of the above, meaning legal resident)

2. What were they doing for income while living in Aurora, CO that she could take off to live in the most hostile place in Mexico and leave her baby son and young husband. Wouldn’t at least one of them have a job? One hopes so…except he packed up the kid and joined her in Mexico. Clearly there was no skilled career there or he would not have left, especially in this economy.

3. Americans go in and out of Mexico all the time. Some are kidnapped, some are killed. Thousands upon thousands (including me) enjoy the beauty and leave their vacation happy. To be shot more than 80 (EIGHTY!) times tells me there was way more to the story than being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Call me a cynic (I am) but methinks it may have something to do with the income neither one seem to have had. Just an observation on my point, and I could be way off base, but I think the article raises more questions than it answers once you get past the horror and outrage of it.

I’m disappointed to feel that CNN appears to encourage breaking the law over doing the right thing.


And this is why I tend to avoid the news. It irritates the hell out of me.

but anyway….

Lots to do today. I. WILL. CLEAN. MY. OFFICE.


Comments? Go.

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