40 Days of Being a Non-Smoker and How Pinterest isn’t a time waster after all

Poof. 40 days gone, just like that. At least yesterday was 40 days, today is 41. The husband told me that we hit 40 days, 1823 cigarettes not smoked between the two of us and we’ve saved 360.07. Holy Moly. That’s 9 bucks a day folks. NINE DOLLARS!

Over a year, that’s 3285.00, 273.75 a month. That’s like a couple new purses car payment. Or a couple new shoes utility bill. Or a couple new clothes hell of a deposit into the Roth IRA. Wow. and good thing the husband takes care of our money. 😉

So, about Pintrest. I’ve lost a LOT of hours there. There are tons of ideas for the creative person but maybe it’s not such a great place for a compulsive crafter like me. My ADD is totally evident in my workshop as I find a craft and buy everything needed, then lose interest shorty after. The end result, my basement office and workshop looks like a Hobby Lobby without all the nice organization.

So someone that I’m following on there (which I totally don’t get the following thing, but whatever) posted this recipe:

Tub & Shower Magic – From Food.com

The gist is, 1 part vinegar and 1 part Dawn dish washing liquid. The blue stuff, don’t know if it makes a diff but I got the blue anyway. The recipe and instructions claim to remove soap scum and hard water stains and any other matter of grossness. Uh huh. I can name about 15 bathroom products (sitting in my cabinet) that claim this same thing and fail miserably.

So I was skeptic but like anything in life, I’m willing to give it a shot. The soap was cheap and the vinegar even cheaper. Other than a couple bucks, what’s to lose. Since I’m saving 9 bucks a day by not smoking, I figure I am to the good anyway.

I’ll start out by saying that I hate the smell of vinegar. Unless it’s on my salad, I use it very rarely and only in extreme hard water stain occasions.  I only made a 1/2 cup of soap and 1/2 cup of vinegar since I wasn’t sure this would work and the instructions said to microwave it till hot. It actually makes 3 cups and you por into a squirt bottle so I though that 3 cups was too much and I’d never be able to nuke it again for later use once it ended up in the spray bottle.

It was a very pretty color blue and actually smelled nice.

I seem to have dirtied a lots of dishes with this since I had to pour from the dish to a measuring cup with a spout and then into the bottle. And the initial batch I made didn’t make much, in fact was barely enough to let the sprayer work.

The point of all this was not to shine up my appliances or anything that a little windex will take care of but to tackle the biggest problem in my house. The Master Bath. The husband uses gasp bar soap. I would say he’s probably the only person in the world who still uses bar soap and not body wash but since they still sell it in the stores, a surprising selection actually, there must be some people who still use it. Add that to the fact that I am not that interested great as a housekeeper, and well, you have a shower that’s got soap scum and hard water stains even when “clean”.

I don’t bathe or shower in there because the shower is like 7 feet tall and I’m nearly too short to reach the shower head. LOL Plus, it was yuk. I use the shorter smaller bathroom.

My house is only 5 1/2 years old so all this stuff was brand new. That is utterly embarrassing actually….

Here are some BEFORE shots:

The sink with it’s hard water stains:

And the worst spot…where my little holder sat, since I used to use this bathroom. I had razors, puffs, scrubbers and all kids of junk in it. Sat there for years and I’d just clean around it since it was suctioned to the corner. At one point we did use a professional steamer to try to get the rust and gunk off but it didn’t work. So I left the container there even though I no longer used that bathroom.

I soaked that area!

So anyway, I sprayed the whole thing down. and let it sit. for about 10 min. I am not known for my patience so it was no surprise that I found myself back in the bathroom poking at it after about 10 min. Yes, I am one of those. Oh and while it was fairly pleasant to smell when first mixed, it was FOUL once it was being sprayed. I opened the window.

I was highly disappointed even though I wasn’t really expecting it to work. grabbed one of those magic sponges that I use for everything and scrubbed a bit and nothing. I still had to get the soap scum off with my fingernails…that was mostly around the buttons and under where his soap dish sits.

Next I checked the sink, a little difference but not what I was hoping for:

I do not give up easily. Back to the kitchen to make more and I sprayed everything till it looked like a smurf had exploded in there. Then came the hardest part of the waiting. Needing something to keep me busy and knowing the husband had actually left the house for the first time in over a month, I decided to take advantage of his unusual absence and clean the house.

I clean. But I rarely clean. The house will look pretty nice but don’t open a cabinet or peer too closely at the fixtures or decorations. And if you have allergies, stay out. Dusting is evil and I try to avoid evil things.


Little Grandson prints…

The bags that had been sitting on my dresser since Christmas….yes, over a month.

I cleaned for 5 hours. Including dusting.

So the bathroom had simmered for several hours. I figured that if my soap scum was going to be the winner in this fight, then the blue stuff had plenty of time to admit defeat.

Now, I know that nothing comes without some effort. SO, I grabbed a small hand brush, medium bristles, and went to work. This tub and shower is 6 feet long. I’m 5’2″ so I had to do some contortionist type moves to get to all the corners and in the end, had to get into the tub to get enough leverage.

It takes A LOT of elbow grease and effort. I would not really call the stuff “magic” since without scrubbing and the sacrifice of at least 2 fingernails, the scum would win. I was drenched by the time I was finished and ended up needing to use my hands to rub off the residue. But the result was pretty amazing. It takes a ton to impress me and I was mighty impressed.

Notice the corner!!

and the above shot:

Yes, that is me standing on the edge of the tub. It’s actually the only way for me to reach the shower head. Laugh it up. Being short ain’t easy.

And the sink…it came out good too:

So, I will be keeping the ingredients of it around now and will use it to clean the shower every time now. Perhaps if I use it or clean on a regular basis, it won’t be so bad next time.

Been up since 530 am so I think it’s time for a nap. Got tired just writing about all that cleaning.   🙂

Comments? Go.

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