Goodbye January, Hello February.

It’s been a whole month (and some) into the new year. My resolutions have not faltered even once. Which is kinda laughable since I didn’t make any resolutions. I NEVER make resolutions because breaking them is more fun common than apple pie. I mean, think about it. You start out the new year with what is undoubtedly the hardest, most unachievable thing you can think of. Hence the reason why people only make those type of resolutions on New Years.

Like quitting smoking, losing weight, getting smarter, being nicer eating more healthy and so on.  We all make these types of resolutions nearly every year fully intending to keep them. Some may actually do, but I’m willing to bet most give it up eventually, like right after the hangover wears off. As my husband pointed out, we then rationalize that it’s okay to not keep those resolutions because, hey, nobody ever keeps them anyway.

So I didn’t make a resolution. I made a decision. BIG difference. I’ve found that no matter what you tell yourself about wanting to change, you will never do it until you make a decision to stop doing the bad or start doing the good or both as the case may be. It’s actually quite simplistic.

I’m still not smoking. 

 I’m still exercising.

I still haven’t lost any weight.

BUT, there may be some improvement in the way my shirts fit. For example, it was tempature wise, beautiful the other day. Unheard of in central IL on January 31st. 61 degrees. Again!  That’s several times this “winter” we’ve had temperatures that aren’t freezing your bits off. So I got my bike off the ceiling of the garage, by myself even, and went for a bike ride.

I put on a sweatshirt, in fact, the only one I own that doesn’t have to do with Football or the Army and it FIT! It hasn’t fit for years. It was not like excessively loose but I didn’t feel like I was wearing an inner tube designed for a toddlers bike. So I was making with the happy as I settled out to ride my bike in the actual sunshine. Ipod, check.

I got about a block away before I suddenly realised several things at once. It was windy, very windy, my tires needed air and bike seats are as uncomfortable as hemroids doctors waiting room chairs. I managed to get to the gas station to put air in my tires and a few blocks around where our old house was and then headed home, butt screaming in protest. I had to walk to bike most of the way home because it was so windy and I really didn’t want to make an ass of myself by falling over, thus proving to all my neighbors, not just my husband, that I am as uncoordinated as a monkey with two left feet. Plus, my butt hurt.

But it was a beautiful day and I got my full workout in by putting the bike away and going for a walk around my subdivision. As long as I keep my eyes open, I am unlikely to fall over, trip or otherwise embarrass myself. I briefly considered walking the road in the graveyard next to our subdivision but wondered if that would be tacky or, more likely, creepy. 🙂

My motivation statemnent for this year….”if you want to change your life, change your mind” Not really profound but interesting all the same.

No photos today. Maybe later. I still have to show my newly colorful bathroom. Until later…


  1. A couple more sayings for you…

    ” If you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time.”

    And my latest favorite…

    “If you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re probably right.”


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