Hello Big Change, 30 days of not smoking, weight loss and disappointment

Oh yeah. 30 days without a SINGLE cigarette. Not one. Nada. and 518 more ways to say no. In case you need to learn how to speak….Swahili. You know for those awkward moments when you have nothing else to say while involved in a conversation with someone who you have no idea who they are desperatly want to get away from.

I had just a moment like that at, of course, hell-mart Wal-Mart. I was browsing the vitamins because that’s what I do and a gal come up to me and said hi in that tone that says they know you. So I say hi back in that tone that says why are you bothering me the same. I was careful to keep a polite but pre-occupied look on my face so she would go away but some people just never get the hint.

She was one of those people. I wasn’t very rude since she did say I look great and asked me if I’d done something new with my hair. Instead of being honest and saying ….yea, I haven’t washed it in 2 days and have been too lazy to color out the mostly all grey in the front, but thanks for noticing….I mearly said, nope, other than a haircut 8 weeks ago, nothing new.

I know this is the point in the girl-code where I compliment something about her or ask some polite question but, honestly, I did NOT know who she was. My husband’s family is large. I mean, really large, as in realatives-all-over-the-place-can’t-go-anywhere-without-falling-over-at-least-one-of-them. So I didn’t want to be mean , after all, I might eat something she has cooked at the next reunion if she’s family….but I suspect that she may have belonged to one of those pairs of shoes in my foyer that I mentioned in this post.

It took some doing but I managed to get away, extracting myself with some nonsense about having all my pets in the car and I didn’t want them to freeze, so yah, gotta go! Nice seeing you. Even though I still have no clue who she was. Maybe she mistaked me for someone else. Whatever the case was, I was resorted to slinking around wal-mart making sure to avoid her.

And, by the way, the animals thing wasn’t true. After 3200 miles in a car with an 85 lb dog and 2 cats, I have sworn off animals in my car. Forever. Just thought I’d clarify. 🙂 I’ve also sworn off driving out-of-state ever again too.

SO! Vitamins. I have a love-hate relationship with them. I love to buy them, hate to take them. I have a whole cabinet full of that very example. Really. A whole cabinet and probably a few dozen bottles here and there throughout the house. I’ve also probably thrown away just as many. It’s a weakness. I’m a sucker for any vitamin that claims it can help me with something. Yeah, I’m one of those!

So imagine my excitement when I discovered GUMMY vitamins. There was a whole shelf!  I got my One-A-Day, pricey for sure but if I can take a daily that is yummy chewyness rather than nasty big green pills, them I’m good. I’ll end up not taking the pill form and toss them when they expire, so I’m probably saving money this way.

Look, a whole shelf!

I told the husband about the daily gummy and that I was going to look for more, Vit C, D and Calcium. As we were talking, I remarked that the only gummy I wouldn’t take would be Omega-3. Because, well….Nasty. Fish gummies. Why would anyone make them and an ever bigger question, who would TAKE them. We had a good laugh about gummy fish.

So imagine my horror when I saw this:

Really. It’s hard to see in the photo, but they are actually shaped like, yeah, fish. Like bastardized little sugar-coated gelatin goldfish. It was bizarre, the thought was enough to make me hurl gross and then the attendant asked me to stop taking photos. LOL. I searched the entire adult section of vitamins and nowhere did I see a gummy fish. Wonder why? <!!> I also didn’t stop taking photos since I’m fairly certain it’s not yet prohibited. Until it is, I take photos of whatever I want. Maybe one of these days I get one to send to People of Wal-Mart.

The other ones I got and are quite good for being lumps of smooshy shapes flavored to taste like juice.

I’ve taken the gummies now for several days and I love them. The best, far above all, is the Caltrate Gummy Bites. They are like candy. They taste incredible and if that isn’t enough, there is a $2 off coupon. I printed 5. They are just that good. Just click the like button and you’ll see the coupon. The downside to gummy versions? My vitamins now have calories. Not a bunch, but a few. Well worth the tradeoff since the Caltrate Calcium tablet is like trying to swallow a car.

I’m still working out, at day 28 now. I still take a photo of my chart just for the motivation and some days I’m over 60 min. I still feel hobbled and haven’t lost any weight but my annoyingly rational husband pointed out that I haven’t really gained any either so I should be glad. I want to say I’ll be glad when I don’t have to lay on the floor to get my pants zipped.

I did have a YAY moment a few days ago when I was getting dressed. As usual I had been grumbling because I’m not the friendliest person about not seeing any results yet, even with diet and all this excercise. It really is quite frustrating. Only another woman would understand so I mostly ignore his rational explanations while wanting to kick his ass because HE has lost 5 lbs. He says to me after another one of my bitching sessions , well, how are your clothes fitting. I’m like, I wear sweatpants. How else are they going to fit. They expanded as needed. So, no I don’t see a difference.

Until yesterday!! I was getting cleaned up by putting on clean sweats and a t-shirt that doesn’t have coffee spilled all down the front, when  my pants fell down. Right to the floor leaving me standing in the bathroom in my underwear screaming to the dog, Look at this, look at this! Finally. Results. I yanked them back up to go tell the husband and not trip when it was like an epiphany.. I slowly lowered the pants so I coud read the tag through my thighs and there is was. DANNIT! I had put on a pair of his. no wonder they fell off. He’s a few sizes bigger than me. Ruined my day. Life is cruel.

I have lots to share but I will have to wait til tomorrow. Ambian is in and if I keep typing I’ll comeback in the morning to say OMG what was I thinking.

Enjoy the new layout. It’s so much more me with all the vibrant colors Just wait till I show you what I did with one of my bathrooms.



  1. Love your blogs & read right away. Hang in there with the scale…did you try taking some measurements? I was cheering you on with the sweats that fell off, but when you discovered they were Bart’s I repeated Riley( from the Life of Riley), “What a revolting developement this is.” You & Bart are amazing. Is this the longest you have ever gone?
    Kandi had to have her windshield replaced for the 2nd time. This time she lost that permanent sun shade as it is glued on. I am waiting for her to pick me up as we are going to Kohl’s. She has a $5 free coupon to spend. She did not get the job she interviewed for. They started with 8 & she made the cut to 3, but lost out in the end. We, including her, were all praying that she get this job ony if it was God’s plan for her life. In one of Chris’ blogs he said he’d be going to Africa, true? Gramp gets his first cataract surgery Wed. Second one usually follows in 6 weeks. He started to show signs of brochitis/pneumonia. I called for an appointment, but as usual have to leave a message & wait for a call back. When we didn’t hear back in an hour, I called the Walgreen Walk IN Clinic in our neighborhood. He got in & there was no sign of lung congestion so she prescribed meds. He isn’t as well as I’d like to see him & am worried that the surgey may have to be put off. love, gram


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