Rolling into 3 weeks and chatty maria still going strong

I hadn’t realized that it’s been a full week since I updated. Actually, I didn’t even know what day it was until I looked at a calender. Hazard of being self-employed. Days run together and you lose track of time. Wasn’t it like Christmas yesterday?

Not smoking and tracking these workouts has made these last 21 days go by fast but it feels like it has been forever. How so like me completly odd that it actually feels both ways. On one hand, I feel like it has been a hundred years since Chris left to go back to Ft. Bragg. He left on the 2nd. On the other hand, I’m tickled like a chatty elmo that it’s been 24 days since I’ve had a cigarette. It’s been 21 days of working out and I haven’t lost a damn pound missed a single day! I’m not pleased with my progress, I know it is going to take forever to see any results. I suppose I am a happy elmo for having not put on any weight, even if I haven’t actually lost any.

I actually feel pretty much great. Not Tony the Tiger great, but other than my compulsive annoying talking and the new cough drop habit I’ve developed, I’d say I’m doing fine.

In other news this week…

We lost our first and oldest cat on Sunday. Her name was Kira. she’d been sick for a few weeks and we had tried as much treatment we were willing to give her. She was terrified of leaving the house. A trip anywhere in the car was very traumatic messy for me her. She never really recovered from the cross-country attempt at moving last spring. We knew she was “off” for a while because her fur was manky and she was not eating and a whole other host of signs that she was sick. After a trip to the vet we found out that she had lost nearly 1/2 her body weight. Our vet, Pekin Veterinary Clinic,  suggested more testing after the first 2 rounds of testing were negative. We opted not to make her suffer though another trip and decided to treat the symptoms. It was a hard decision. Since it was likely she had either a tumor or cancer, it was unlikely she would survive the treatment being so ill and 12 years old. Antibiotics (real fun to force feed to a cat), prednisone, anti-nausea pills and special 7dollars a can! food she just didn’t seem to be getting any better.

This was taken a few days before she died. She was so thin despite having been fed about 15 times a day.

On Saturday last weekend we decided to take her to be put to sleep figuring she was probably suffering. She died Sunday night. From her behavior, I think she may have had a stroke. 😦 On Monday Bart took her to Kady’s for cremation and now we just wait for the call that says we can bring her home and put her urn with our other heaven pets. That’s 2 we’ve lost in the last 6 months.

Our remaining  cat, Manny, who is very spry at 10 years old and in sharp contrast to Kira, very very fat, seems to be doing well. I don’t think they played together much unless it was to torture the dog and their personalities were so different. Kira was the calm one and acted normal. Manny is the entitled one. You know, like cats almost always are. I’m here so you take care of me. Now.

Here she is playing nice with Bart. Silly cat! silly husband

So I mentioned in my earlier post that winter has finally arrived in Illinois. So it has. Which sucks! Really, really sucks. I hate the cold! Just a few short weeks ago we had awesome temps. Like in the 50’s and one day in the 60’s or so my car said.

In fact it was actually so nice out that Dunham’s put out their Kayaks. Now I happen to think that anyone who would kayak in January is doorknob dumb strange but the husband assures me there are actually insane people out there that like it. Huh? They are probably the same ones out on motorcycles in a snow storm. Polar bears in another life for sure.

Granted we haven’t had much snow, anything more than a flake or two is too much for me. Nothing has really stuck but this was the view from my desk after the last real snow we had.

Ugly ain’t it? If you think it’s “pretty” then you obviously don’t live in Illinois. bite me

And this was the view from yesterday when I went to crazytown Peoria to do some light shopping. Make note of the nearly cloudless sky and the beautiful sunshine. OH WAIT. That’s not here. cussing lightly

WHY build an outdoor shopping mall in Illinois? The wind whips through the corridors and nearly knocks you on your butt. I love to shop but even I don’t like to spend much time when I have to walk a mile in the freezing wind and cold. Shoulda made that move to Arizona! Outdoor shopping malls make much more sense there. And they almost NEVER have empty abandoned stores.

I wonder if those lazy people who don’t return carts to the bin at Wal-Mart would actually do it if the weather wasn’t so cold.

This from Wednesday.

and this was how far away the bin was.

I really wanted to hurt remind that person that they shouldn’t be so lazy. I childishly said bad words about them in my head but I am proud to say I managed just to not make rude hand gestures at them as they were pulling away. The last time I said anything about carts was to the white trash idiot that left her cart on my bumper (oh yes, ON THE BUMPER) she actually cussed at me. <!!> Not to my face of course, but as she was pulling away. I could see her mouth moving and faintly hear her screaming, but the dead giveaway was the two flying birds. Imaging it was just disgusting lovely for the half-dozen or so kids she had in that minivan. Just because I asked her if she was actually going to leave that cart on my bumper when the bin was TWO spots away. I’m sure I was a snob nice about it. She had like a complete meltdown. Over a cart.

Tomorrow my grandson Ashton will be coming over for his usual visitation with his Daddy. Since he just turned 2 we’re going to have some cake to celebrate. Must suck to have a January birthday. No outdoor parties, no park parties and no pool parties at grandma and grampas house.

Comments? Go.

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