Past 2 weeks and still going strong

My beloved Grandparents sent me and my husband emails asking if I had fallen off the nosmokin-workout-every-day wagon. Nope! Still going strong and just passed the 2 week mark for not smoking. It’s so nice not being a smelly stinky ashtray dependant on nicotine. And even nicer that I’m not in the garage now that winter has finally arrived here in Illinois.

Sadly, I must admit that my recent lapse in updates here hasn’t been a lack of anything to say or that I haven’t stuck righteously reluctantly to my challenge, but more that I found a wicked cool show that I’d never heard of before. 7 seasons and I have no idea how this one got past me, it’s everything I love in a program. Called Supernatural and if you like all things weird, you will love this one. It’s major creepy and even has me tensing up and I like my shows creepy. Really creepy. Ehm, I loved Saw and every sequel. Being a lover of all things paranormal and weird, this show is like a cross between The X Files and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I’ve watched nearly the entire first 2 seasons this past week. 🙂 Last month I found and watched from the very beginning,  The Vampire Diaries that I love too…and Ian Somerhalder…wow…those eyes!

SO anyway. I’ve made it past the 2 week mark for not only smoking but staying on the 100 day Challenge. To be perfectly honest, I really surprized I made it this far.  Day 14 just completed. Granted, on some of those days it is all I can do to drag my ass off the couch get through the 30 min but I have done 30-50 min EVERY DAY. For reals. I keep the chart to keep me focused. It works. It also helps that my husband would make fun of me till the end of time if I stopped for any reason short of limb loss or getting dead.

I’ve added in some little 2lb weights when I’m walking on the treadmill, obviously testing gravity by doing more than one thing while trying to prevent myself from falling off. It adds something to what is without a doubt, utterly boring a decent workout since the heaviest thing I’ve lifted in years is the coffeepot. I’m quite proud that I have not ended up on the floor by accident all week. Triumph baby, that’s triumph. Nothing bad about any of my workouts this week so far.

What is utterly mortifying is the TALKING. Still. I stated earlier that I’m like some freaky chatty cathy doll that never shuts up. It’s true. I’m like blah blah blah, a hundred miles a minute. It’s annoying because I can hear myself and see the humor on my husbands face but I still can’t manage to shut my mouth. I am far from the most sociable person huge understatement but since I quit smoking it seems that as long as there is another human within talking distance, my mouth starts running. Very frustrating. And all very funny to my husband, aptly nicknamed chuckles right now.

I’ve already established that I have the attention span of a gnat and I get bored alonst instantly easily. I am quickly distracted and lack focus. I can forget something only moments after it pops into my brain unless i’m talking it appears and it’s a common sight to see me stop in my tracks and look around stupidly as I try to remember what I was actually doing. My husband finds this highly amusing. I am not amused. I will say that I am an artist and that brilliant (LOL) people are known to be scatterbrains. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it

I’m hoping that this non-stop talking is a side effect like you get with some prescription drugs and will go away once my brain finds itself reconnected once again to my mouth.

Because it’s weird.

And it makes my mouth dry.

And I believe that if it goes on much longer, chuckles will duct tape my mouth shut.

Photos from this week:


  1. Just spotted your blog. Great to read it, but since it is 11:13 & I just took an Ambein, I need to husttle off to bed as I am asleep in less than 1/2 hour. I know because I set the T V for 1/2 hour & I almost never hear it shut off. More tomorrow, Hugs for both of you. G


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