Getting smarter…not thinner

I don’t appear to be losing weight and I’m not getting any thinner but I do believe I am getting smarter.

I learned yet another lesson. Trim thy toenails! Seriously. All of them. Not just the one that cut into your other toe and made you bleed and limp a little. Two nights ago I walked for 40 min doing 2 miles. My foot was bothering me and I figured I need new shoes, which I already knew but kept plugging along. Later I checked and saw that I had a little cut that wasn’t real big but stung like a papercut. Trimmed the rapter claw toenail and figured I was fine.

See, I rarely wear shoes. At least the kind you actually have to put all the way on and tie like a normal real adult. My “if i have to get out of the car i’m going somewhere, anywhere” shoes are a pair of really old and really comfortable nike’s. I think I may have picked them up 10 years ago on clearance for $5. I am utterly incapable rarely get rid of my shoes, and these are my favorite. They have ties like a big girls shoe but I have them set up so the ties are loose and tucked into the sides and I can just be really lazy slip them on and off.  When you are self-employed and work from home, the need to wear real shoes just isn’t there. Slippers are my standard work shoes. 🙂 And I only bother with those because being a glass artist is hazardous to the bare feet.

So anyway, even though I have a few hundred pairs of shoes, I am never in them long enough to realize that my toenails could be lethal weapons are too long. Tonight, after 31 agonizing minutes on the treadmill, I finally noticed I have 9 other toes too.  My toes are all trimmed and tomorrow I am getting some new walking shoes. No more reasons to complain I will always complain just for the hell of it and just to annoy my husband about not walking on the treadmill for longer.

31 min and 1.5 miles. A lame workout but I got my 30 in and completed Day 8.

Tomorrow we are going to Applebee’s for dinner and out to get me some new walking shoes. With laces. That I promise to use.

For now.


  1. I think I see yet another career for you! Comic writer! You are funny! Love you! Keep up the good work! and yes, you DID stink….lol


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