Day 7, One full week and counting

Day 6

I’ve made several observations since yesterday. In fact, I feel very enlightened. I do have ADD. I can prove it.

Last night’s workout brought to me by the hateful treadmill. The hubby politely asked if I would mind if he played games worked out while I was downstairs. I said no I wouldn’t mind at all, that in fact I would do the treadmill and watch him since he so kindly watched me the day before. That would keep me occupied and give me that visual stimulation I obviously need to prevent myself from falling off asleep.

It worked! I had my ipod on…listning to a techno trance remix and various other songs including my current fave, the numanuma song and I did nearly 40 min. It went fast, much faster than the hundred years 20 min max that I was doing before. I only slipped sideways a little bit and not once did I fall off. Self is quite proud. The one time I slipped sideways a little bit was when I saw the little people on the sports game that came with the wii years ago. They had no legs and no arms! For real. No joke. No legs, and no actual arms, just these little circles that I suppose are to simulate hands. I laughed and slipped. But I stayed occupied. So now I must insist that the hubby amuse me while I’m walking on the treadmill from now on. I’m sure he will be totally not thrilled. And of course, he can’t talk to me since I am listening to my songs and concentrating on not falling on my ass in front of him. He would laugh. Which is only fair since I would cackle with delight if he did something so amusingly stupid.

Tonight’s workout, Day 7, a full complete week, was done with the wii. It made me observe that I need a sports bra because falling straps when you are trying to not tangle up your feet on the advance step routine is a pain in the butt. It’s even worse when you are doing the running routine and trying to beat your highly competitive husband. How in the world am I supposed to beat his time when I have to slow to just short of a stumble crawl to yank my bra straps back up. We’ve already established that I have the grace and agility of a Mack truck so trying to run IN PLACE is harder than you think smartie somewhat difficult. Definitely a new bra, yeah, a new bra. Definitely. Definitely.


I observed that my wii has a petty streak. So evidenced by the snarky little on-screen message I received when starting tonight. I do believe it just may be a teeny bit jealous! And I’m pretty sure there were more than the usual whoo’s and ohhh’s when I stepped on the board…it’s going to be REAL happy when the hubby gets the new Xbox Kinnect hooked up tomorrow.

I managed my longest workout yet. 50 minutes!

Tomorrow I may try the new Kinnect. It looks awesome. I wonder if it will say rude things in a cutsie voice leaving you insulted and amused at the same time.

I will be sure to post about it!

The last thing I observed today is that my youngest kid is strange. He called my phone at 3am his time, twice. Since he is of the generation that believes voice mail is evil so last millennium, he didn’t leave a message. My text to him as soon as I got up this morning asking WHY on earth he would call at 3 am and is everything ok got no response. Sigh. I figured if it was important the military would have found me….so around 6pm tonight or so, I send him a quick text message asking if everything was okay and why did he call at 3am.

His response back??? He wanted to know if we were still not smoking. Huh? That required not one but TWO calls at 3:01 and 3:02 am? I tried to ask why that time and why not just wait till later when I might actually be up and by my phone. No answer. I’m sure that is a message that he “didn’t get, don’t know what happened, sorry Mom”.

Kids, gotta love when they don’t live at home em!

Comments? Go.

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