Day 5, Thursday

Today was a light day. A very light day. My legs and butt are sore. LOL so I went gentle today and used the wii. What made it light is the hubby wanted to see how it worked so he watched. The entire time. All….30….min.

Not I minded much but I prefer to do this by myself. I may have even hit the treadmill but the incline/straight feet are broken and I need to find something that would make the surface more level and on not so much an incline.

Tomorrow, I think I may do a little treadmill and a little dancing. I watched some Zumba vids on Youtube and I think I may be able to do like one or two of the really simple for clumsy people moves without twisting up my feet and falling on my nose. Maybe.

So, day 5 complete and officially 7 days of no smoking. I can’t wait till I get to 10 days of exercise and 14 days of smoking. At that point I intend to reward myself with a HUGE, and I mean ginormous, bowl of Ben & Jerry’s Red Velvet ice cream. 🙂 🙂 🙂

My photos that hubby reminded me to take.




  1. Oh no!!!! All the sweat you’ve put in this last week. Ok, have a little B & J, but just enough to satisfy that craving. You’ll be glad you didn’t go overboard. Lots of sweat for just a few minutes of pleasure. I laughed when I saw the bunny on the treadmill. I know he is chubby, but this is going to the extreme. : ( love, g


    • I caved. Had the Ben & Jerry’s tonight. But just a little! 🙂 The thought popped in my head and like an annoying song, just stayed there flashing little pieces of red velvet creamy goodness. I am weak. But, I am also with the happy since I had ice cream so it’s all good. 🙂

      And I promise, McKenzie had fun on the treadmill. She could afford to lose a bit of the bunny fat. Plus she did have fun. It’s like playtime for her now that she’s lost her partner. And like me, doesn’t play well with others. She like it. Lots! Because she gets rewarded with a berry treat, the yummiest treats for bunnies.


      • Wow, I didn’t think she was really walking/running on the treadmill. Smart move to ge her in shape tho. Well, you had your reward & now it is back to the 100 day challange. Are you doing the Dr Oz thing? I said I was going to look into starting the Silver Sneaker program at the Y, it is free with our almost $200 each a month AARP gap insurance. Also many HMOs offer some sort of plan too. Well, the week is almost over & I didn’t even thing about the Y till last night. Proud of you G


      • She is a fatty!! It is quite funny to watch that rabbit run on a treadmill. She doesn’t even fall off. Good bunny!


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