Getting an early start on the day = productivity!

Up at 7 am. That’s like a record for me. I stay up until about 2 am most nights and sleep until between 8 and 10 am. Being self employed do have its perks.

So while I am rarely up that early, I enjoy how much more I seem to get done. For example, by 10 am I had already done most of my main job for the day, 2 loads of laundry and organized some of my paperwork. I’ve got a few ebay orders to package and ship and then the day is MINE!

On the menu for today, I’m going to work with those marbles. Yesterday, I went to Hobby Lobby originally, and left when I saw the line. Typically, they have 1 cashier station open and it’s always busy. So I decided that I didn’t want to stand in line for a 2.99 bag of marbles. Figured I could get them from Wal-Mart, which was my next stop.

Wal-Mart being the adventure it is and the bane of my existence, I am always prepared for battle when I get there. Screaming kids, rude customers and SLOW cashiers, powered carts. small screaming children and slow walkers. Gah. I really hate wal-mart but it’s the by far the easiest, in terms of location, place to shop.  Ranting….

So anyway, I go to the unexplored section of floral crafts and to my utter amusement, there are no flippen round marbles! There are plenty of flat backed one, plenty of colors, lots of rocks and tons of shells, along with sand and I guess the upgraded version of….sand…called Fancy Sand. Sand is sand right?? No round marbles. That irritated me since I hate to backtrack and I’m thinking that I should have just gotten them at Hobby Lobby and if I ended up with more than needed and the cooking didn’t work as planned, at least I could throw them at the basement walls if I get angry or something equally amusing. Self sighs and I finish up my shopping without incident.

I am not normally a patient person understatement of the ever and I have a low tolerance for BS with a short fuse to match my temper. I’m Italian and a Leo. Nuff said. So I figure with me not smoking the slightest thing is likely to set me off. Nope. It was actually fast and easy. Amazing. My cashier was friendly, overly so but not too annoying, and nobody ran me over with a cart and there were no screaming kids. Amazement overwhelms me.

Happily, I left walmart and nobody had parked a cart next to my car. Course I had parked at the farthest point by the last cart receptacle. Having my beloved car hit with a cart is enough to ruin my day (and the person who does it if I happen to catch them at it). And I’m fairly certain some people put their carts next to my car not only because they are LAZY but because it’s a Mercedes.

For example, this photo taken a few weeks ago clearly shows how lazy some people can be. Yes, that is actually a cart NEXT to the bin. Because those 6 extra steps would have been too hard??

Maybe I’m just paranoid, but I always park next to, if possible, a cart receptacle so there can only be a car on one side, what other reason could someone possibly have to leave a cart NEXT to the receptacle and not IN it if not to annoy the person with the nice car?


So I did go back to Hobby Lobby, got my marbles and headed home. I had planned on doing them last night, but I didn’t. No reason other than I didn’t feel like it. 🙂

If they turn out, I’m going to put some photos of this experiment.

After I take a nap since all this productivity has made me tired. LOL.

Comments? Go.

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