Day 4…getting easier

Yeah, right. Maybe not so much easier but perhaps a little more like getting not so clumsy.

For Day 4, I did Yoga just as I said I was going to. Netflix has a wicked cool selection of workouts available. I picked the easiest one for today. Since I didn’t cripple myself yesterday with the Kickboxing I figured I’d better go with something light. It was one of the 10 min workouts, 5 to a show. I did 2 of them followed by 10 min on the treadmill.

I found out several things tonight. I am not only hopelessly uncoordinated, I am also NOT very bendy. Beyond doing the mountain sunrise thing and the warrior, the rest requires a bit more flexibility that I have so far. But I did okay, I’ll do it again in a week. I also found out that if you are walking on the treadmill and not using the handrails, if you close your eyes, you get vertigo and fall off. I didn’t actually land on my butt this time but I did slide a little off to the side when the basement tilted sideways.

Naturally, the first thing that comes to mind is why did I close my eyes and the answer is I really don’t know! I was bored. Maybe if I closed my eyes, I could pretend I was somewhere more interesting than in my dusty basement, sweating and wishing I was eating a cupcake… at the dentist or something.

 I had my ipod on going to a remix club version of Hava Nagila. I love house music and almost all the tunes on my ipod are house mixes. The kind that make cleaning the house not-so-damn-boring. I assumed the same concept would apply to the treadmill. Not so much. I’m going to try putting on a movie on Netflix since the TV is right there in front of the torture device treadmill. Perhaps that will help. I have my doubts. But I’m determined to find a way to utilize that thing and manage more than 10 min without falling asleep, falling off, or getting annoyed.

Tomorrow? Probably the wii again. At least that keeps the ADD part of me entertained. The hula hoop one is a riot. Boxing is my favorite. And I will choose to overlook the little whoo sound the stupid thing makes when I step on the board.

tu ne cede malis sed contra audentior ito

Until tomorrow.

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