Day 3….97 to go

That totally sounds like that annoying beer bottle song. See, now it’s in your head too.

Day 3 complete! Having been insulted by my wii, beaten by batteries and dropped by my treadmill, I decided to fire up Netflix.

Salsa Dancing? Nope, this old body does not move like that and I would spend all my time being jealously annoyed at those perfect bodies and their incredible rhythm. because I have none whatsoever….perfect body OR rhythm.  I am utterly uncoordinated. I can’t even walk down a set of stairs or across a flat floor without spilling my coffee all over the place. I even spilled coffee on my cat once. Poor thing. I will say that she has since stopped winding through my legs while going down the stairs…

But anyway, having decided on not doing Salsa, I checked out the kickboxing. I love boxing in general so settled on that one. There are like 5 10 min workouts. I did 3. While I did not fall, trip or pass out, I doubt I will walk tomorrow.

Having lived the last ten few years as a lump at my desk swilling coffee and sweet tea, I’m shocked that I haven’t landed myself on the ER. So far, this get up and get moving thing has been hazardous to my safety. 🙂 Oh and Kickboxing? Fun but perhaps not a great idea on only the 3rd day!

Tomorrow I think I will do a nice low impact Yoga.

I bought some round marbles today at Hobby Lobby so I think I’m going to go cook them and see if they turn out better than the flat ones.

Comments? Go.

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