The Cooked Marbles

They didn’t burn down the house. I’m not at all certain I liked the results. I did it in my little clay oven so maybe they didn’t get hot enough. Or maybe my marbles just sucked and I need new ones… there has to be a joke in there somewhere. LOL They did the crackle in the middle and the outer stayed smooth but it wasn’t that noticeable. New marbles, I need new marbles!

I used plain flat backed marbles from either wal-mart, hobby lobby or michaels. Some floral section. Not even sure why I actually had them since floral crafting is probably one of the few crafts I don’t do. Maybe it was for some glass project. Who knows.

I liked the clear plain ones but decided that colors would be cool so I used my alcohol ink from Ranger and colored them like I do for the little bitty dots for cards. First, I think I used too much ink. Believe me, a little goes a long way. Second, I don’t think I let them dry long enough. The colors were easily rubbed off even after baking and then a fast bath in ice water. Maybe next time Ill shoot them with the heat gun to set the color.

The finished result was pretty cool looking but what to do with them now?? I decided to set them in a polymer clay base as a frame. 

Picked my colors, mashed them up in the chopper and ran through the pasta machine. Great striping. Except that striping does not show when you mash a glass marble onto it. And after handling the clay, my marbles went dull. So I peeled off the clay, threw it in the scrap pile and am still looking for a way to use these in some creative unique way.

And yeah, I’m getting new marbles tomorrow at Hobby Lobby. I think I’ll try the round ones and sneak them into the oven upstairs. The hubby really doesn’t like non-food items in there but what harm can a little marble do? After all, I’ve baked resin, clay, ribbons, plastic, shrinkydinks and soap. Glass will be a first. 🙂

Below are the photos I took of my experiment and it’s epic fail.

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