On treadmill safety…

Despite having been punished for my good behavior by developing a brutal, swell-your-face sinus infection, I still managed my 30 min workout. It wasn’t pretty but I sweated…and I really hate sweating. That’s the reason I have a desk, in an air-conditioned basement office.

I did the treadmill just as planned. It took me a few moments to plow through the dust but got through it okay, grabbed the ipod and hopped on. The display didn’t work and that was annoying because I wanted to know how far I was walking, heart rate and so on. Isn’t that the only reason people actually use treadmills? It’s like an instant gratification thing to see those little numbers get higher and higher. Makes you want to walk more right? Good theory. Now that the hubby reminded me that the display runs on batteries that have likely been in there for the 10 years I’ve had this thing, I may decide to do it again.

Treadmills are hazardous. For example, since I couldn’t be amused and entertained with the digital display and the ipod ony entertains my ears (clearly I have ADD) I decided to play angry birds on my phone while walking to the same pace as the numanuma song. The actual song, not the video. (but that vid cracks me up!) lol That’s a fast song so I was clipping along at a good pace when BAM, I fell off and landed on my ass. My treadmill has a safety thingie. I wasn’t using it. Naturally. Next time, yes, oh yes, next time I will use it.


I managed, by the display on my little clay timer, about 16 min. Take out at least 2 min for the brief moment I pondered my inability to multitask while climbing off the floor and I’d say I got about 13 or 14 min in. Since I have the attention span of a gnat, that feels like a great accomplishment to me.

Obviously 13 or 14 min is not 30 dammit so I decided to go back to the wii. At least I can have some instant gratification. And I figured it had insulted me plenty yesterday, perhaps it would not do so today. It didn’t. It nicely insulted the hubby instead. After a quick snap with my phone, I was so happy that I decided to finish with the wii. I did 19 min of boxing. My favorite.

So 2 days down. 98 more to go. {sigh} Todays photos.

Comments? Go.

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