30 min for 100 days, check!

So I manged to actually do it. I got through day 1 of the 100 day challenge. Frankly, it was not the workout that wore me out but rather all the preparation! My workout area had been cleaned yesterday so I could be ready to procrastinate work out for the required 30 min. I swept up the floor mats of cat hair, scrubbed off any existing coffee spills. (yes, I truly should have a sippy cup, I spill all the time!) Then I cleared what had to be 3 inches of dust off the TV and all the other stuff. Good to go.

Allrighty. So I contemplate it all day, making excuses about doing it tomorrow, that I don’t feel like changing clothes (lame right?) That I just ate, that I need to eat, etc, etc.

So I set my head on right and decided to be like Nike and just DO IT.  

I get my old yoga pants that haven’t seen anywhere but the very bottom of my lowest dresser drawer and bring them downstairs. Slip them on and BAM the elastic waistband does this crinkle noise that tells you they are now junk and then promptly falls off my butt and lands on the floor. {sigh} So I put my sweatpants back on and go back up stairs for a different pair of pants. I know that I could actually work out in my sweats but for some reason that is still unclear to me, I feel that I must have the proper clothing on.

Now I have a pair of yoga pants that fit fine and all is well. Right? No. I then decide that the size large men’s white t-shirt that I live in isn’t going to cut it since it’s too loose and it’ll get in the way. I vaguely remember this from when I used to workout those 3 times I did before. So I go back upstairs to find a lighter, workout type shirt. I’m in luck since I happen to have a nice yoga shirt that is super tight sung fitting and won’t get in the way. It even has the tags still on it! Lucky me!

So now I am properly dressed. Let’s get going! Turn on the TV, load up the Wii Fit and set up to balance board. Batteries dead in the board. Another trip upstairs to score 4 new “AA”‘s and back to the board. Yay, the blue light is on. Super!

Except the screen, after telling me how it’s been forever long since I’ve used it (explaining the 3 inches of dust), now says that the batteries in the WiiMote need to be replaced. Are you kidding me!? Back upstairs to get more batteries and thinking this is so not worth the hassle and would all this stair climbing count as my 30 min because I am now too tired to bother. 🙂

Clothing? Check
Batteries in everything? Check
Insulted by your inanimate device? Check.

What was supposed to be a 30 min workout was more like an hour 15, Think tomorrow I will simply do the treadmill. Plug and go.

But, I did it!

Comments? Go.

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