On Quitting Smoking

 Yes, it’s vile. Yes it’s nasty and yes, it’s expensive. Do you honestly think any true smoker gives a shit about that? Nope. We only care about smoking and we usually say we’ll smoke always and there just isn’t any way after all these years to quite. Why bother, at my age…blah, blah, blah.

I’ve been  saying all that for a shockingly long time.

So I’m doing it! For reals. I had a plan. I ALWAYS have a plan. If said plan works out, fantastic, if it doesn’t, it’s usually my husbands fault. Check with him.

So for THIS plan, I was going to puff and puff and puff right up until I went to bed on New Years Eve and then wake up on NYday a new woman. Uh huh. Because that has worked so much, so often and for so many people.

To be realistic and honest, I’m into the second month of Welbutrin to help with this process. I suppose it does…

Today I woke up and decided I was going to see how long I could go before wanting to go out to the garage to have that first cigg of the day. I’m usually up AT LEAST an hour before going out anyway so these mental gymnastics went on after that first hour. Hour 1. Coolio. Easy peasey. My office is in the basement and on a regular day I would come up to get coffe, use the bathroom or eat and each time I came up I’d go smooke.  As I was making my second cuppa this morning, self asked me if we were going to go smoke. I told self, nope, don’t really feel the need for one. So imagine my amazement as I walked into the foyer, set down my coffee and started to put on my coat. WOW! Talk about the worst part is the habit!

So shaking my head, went back downstairs still smoke free. Yippee. After several more trips upstairs and even more trips upstairs (togosmoke) NOT made, I managed to make it to around dinnertime.

At that moment my husband who had been faifully, allbeit slowly, taking all the Christmas decorations down said to me…”I have been out to the garage to smoke exactly NO times!” and I looked at him and said Me too! Now this is the part where we would go to the garage to smoke and continue our conversation. LOL But we didn’t. I told him I woke up and decided and he said the same thing.

How cool is that. Now this isn’t the first time we;ve decided to quite. Usually one of us does and the other pretends to (kid ourselves) into they aren’t smoking. Not going to say who, but hubby and I have both been guilty of that. 🙂

So today I found a tracker online that I am going to use to help with motivation:

If that isn’t the coolest thing, I don’t know what is.

Tomorw is another day. I will check in.

Comments? Go.

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