Another day….a new year

So far so good. Still haven’t smoked and actually left today to pick up some supplies at the hardware store and bought some odor remover for my car. It was pretty bad!

Bart also opened up both sets of garage doors to air out the garage. We have a beer soda fridge in the garage and keep extra stuff in there that won’t fit inside. It was kinda smelly getting to the fridge. LOL I truly hope that we can keep this up but as long as I make it through tomorrow, I think all will be good. 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months. Those are the landmarks.

Tomorrow I’ll be starting the 100 days of 30 min of exercise per day. I’m looking forward to it and have cleaned up my workout area where I have a 47″ TV for my Wii, a large rubber floormat for Yoga, a treadmill, various Pilates stuff and a DVD player with some exercise dvd’s. I have all this stuff so might as well make use of it and plus, way to stay busy. LOL

Tonight I am making cooked marbles. Really! When they are done, I’ll post a photo of them. I saw something similar on another blog and decided to give it a shot with what I had laying around an, of course, give it my own twist. Hopefully my “twist” does not burn down my house! More later 🙂

Comments? Go.

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