Moving and Unmoving

Late last year, we decided to move to Arizona from boring, bitterly cold Illinois. Being empty nesters and all, the word could be our oasis. No school transfers to worry about, no need for resentment from the kids for mving them away from their friends. No more snow! Sounded like a wonderful plan.

Until it wasn’t.

However, I had already been packing. I carefully packed up my studio space in the basement, gave away anything I didn’t think I’d need and threw away the rest.

One problem after another and I came home from Arizona discouraged and annoyed that I couldn’t even find a decent rental house for 1300.00 a month or less. That’s another story!

I’ve been back since May and still haven’t unpacked. I tell myself every nght as I navigate the 1600 sq ft of basement space littered with opened boxes that tomorrow will be the day I finally unpack all that stuff and re-organize my shop and office. Tomorrow has never arrived. I suspect tomorrow will never get here. It appears that I lack the motivation to get it going.

Or maybe I just don’t want to admit that I am faced with another winter in Illinois after gloating to anyone who would listen that this was my last winter here. Should have kept my mouth shut. 🙂 And I shouldn’t have given away all those winter clothes.


  1. ahhh, but it gives you a reason to come out and do some shopping in the wonderful color-coded, sized, thrift stores!


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