Everybody has one…

A few months back I decided that I’d try a page from my grown children’s vocabulary. Specifically, “everybody has one!” Usually uttered in that exasperated voice only a teen can manage when told that they can’t have something.What I’ve done? Created a blog. Of course. Isn’t everyone doing it these days.

Fortunatly, my days of hearing anything that resembles a whine from one of my kids are long over. Unless they are asking for something I’m not even remotley interested in doing. Like loaning money or having them move back in.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids dearly. I love them even more now that they are on their own. I’m sure my parents felt the same way about me when I moved out. I’m also fairly certain it was their fondest wish that I would have kids that were as annoying as I was!

It has taken some adjustment to the empty nest, but after my youngest son left for the Army just over a year ago, right after his 18th birthday, I found that I rather enjoyed the quiet of the house. No more TV until 2 AM, no more teens eating up all the food and sneaking into my guarded supply of booze. No more pairs of shoes in the foyer that belonged to people (usually girls) that I’ve never met. No more awkard morning walk of shame.

Now I’ve found that when my sons come for a visit, I am able to appreciate them. I listen to their stories about their lives that happen and the things they do (boys will always be boys!) and feel pleased that I’m blissfully unaware of what they are up to most of the time.

My name is Maria and I just turned 42.


  1. […] I know this is the point in the girl-code where I compliment something about her or ask some polite question but, honestly, I did NOT know who she was. My husband’s family is large. I mean, really large, as in realatives-all-over-the-place-can’t-go-anywhere-without-falling-over-at-least-one-of-them. So I didn’t want to be mean , after all, I might eat something she has cooked at the next reunion if she’s family….but I suspect that she may have belonged to one of those pairs of shoes in my foyer that I mentioned in this post. […]


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